Innovation Management Consulting

Innovation management consulting is necessary for companies who want to make an innovative change in the operation process. Why? We will know in this section.

Introduction for Innovation Management Consulting

Innovation management consulting is one of the services that a consulting firm offers to its clients. It is assumed that the client is not capable of making innovation.

The client needs someone to work on the related issues and change the process. So that it becomes more efficient and effective.

Innovation management consulting should be implemented as the following:

1. Analyzing the organization’s current situation. Also to identifying the problems that can be solved by innovation.

2. Developing an innovation plan with a detailed implementation process. Thus, it solve problems identified in the first step.

3. Training staff to implement innovation.

4. Implementing the plan by the following providing guidance, consultation, and training for staff involved in the implementation process.

The above four steps are very important for companies or organizations. So it need to make an innovative change in their process or business model. This is because:

Reasons For Innovation

1. Innovation can change the existing business model or practice. So that it can improve efficiency and effectiveness. Until being a competitive advantage over other competitors in the industry.

2. Innovation can attract new customers who have never bought from your company before but can attract by innovative products or services offered by your company.

3. Innovation helps companies improve efficiency and effectiveness by using new technology. So it can be implemented through appropriate technology selection and integration (e-commerce, online marketing, etc.).

4. Innovation helps companies reduce costs through simplifying business processes. Such as e-procurement, e-commerce, etc.

5. Innovation helps companies increase profits. Through increasing sales and increasing productivity (new product development, such as e-commerce, etc.).

6. Innovation can improve customer satisfaction by offering more competitive products or services at competitive prices. Such as online marketing.

7. Innovation can be used as a competitive strategy if it is executed well. Such as e-procurement).

8. Innovation can help companies become leaders in their industry. Such as e-government).

9. Innovation creates a better image for organizations. Because they are seen as creative firms who have creative ideas (new product development).

10 In summary, innovation will help organizations achieve success by taking action to become leaders in their industry through inspiration, creativity, and improvement of existing products or services offered by organizations (innovation management consulting).

Here is several business innovation processes that can be applied to make innovation faster and easier:

1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a way to generate innovative ideas on how to make products or services more competitive. This process helps you get ideas from everyone who is involved in your company’s business.

The brainstorming process can be carried out in two ways: such as, individual and group brainstorming. 

2. Idea Selection

The process of idea selection is to choose the best ideas for implementation to make innovation more systematic. So this process can be done in three ways: 

3. Ideation

Ideation is a process of making innovative ideas tangible. It can be carried out in three ways.

4. Innovation Management Consulting service

The reason is in addition to the above steps, the implementation of innovation can be done faster and easier through the help of these consultants. Because they have experience and expertise in implementing an innovation process. They know exactly how and where the problems occur, and they know how to solve them.

So that it can be made without disrupting the operation and any other changes that are not intended.

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