The Innovative Management

The Innovative Management

The word innovative management is a combination of management and innovative processes. It refers to the handling of all the activities needed. To have more information, let’s find out below.

What Is Innovative Management?

Innovative management is used in the field of management to refer to the handling of all the activities needed to produce a good or service. The process follows the following steps:

  • Planning for the production of goods or services based on an outline of the process. 
  • Monitoring and controlling all the processes that are related to production. 
  • Managing all employees and ensuring that they are focused on achieving their goals.

As we see, this process is very important in every company. Without innovative management, no product can be produced.

How To Innovate?

It is one of the most common questions asked by people who want to start a business. The answer is simple and we will explain it below:

Innovative management and innovation are part of the same process. They work together and complement each other greatly. 

Innovative management is not limited to one company or one person. But requires teamwork from everyone involved in creating and producing products. 

Take an example from Apple’s Steve Jobs, who created an innovative culture at Apple’s offices. He encouraged his employees to think differently about everything they did.

It resulted in more innovative products for the company that was loved by many users around the world. Such innovation culture does not come from just one person alone.

But requires a lot of cooperation and coordination between employees. So it leads us back to innovative management as well as the innovation itself.

What Is Innovation?

We have talked about innovative management but have not discussed anything about innovation yet. We will do this now so you do not miss anything important at this point. 

Innovation is a very broad concept with many different definitions. That makes it even more difficult to understand what it means than other words that are less frequently used. 

Some people define innovation as new ideas. While others see it as new ideas that can be used in practice or can make life easier in some way or another (for example, technology). 

In general terms, innovation refers to any new idea that changes something we already know or do (products, services, etc.). A good example of innovation would be 3D printers.

During our childhood, we only had 2D printers but now 3D printers have been introduced. And also changed things completely and created a whole new market for themselves (3D printing). 

Innovating does not necessarily mean creating something brand new. It can also mean reviving something that has been forgotten or has been abandoned. 

For example, the iPhone was considered to be an innovative idea when it was first introduced. Because at the time, there were no smartphones that had the features that Apple’s iPhone had. 

So, innovative ideas do not necessarily have to be new either. They can also be reviving something that has been forgotten or abandoned.

And also bring it back to life with their ideas and innovation. So a good example of this is the Tesla car company by Elon Musk. 

They revived the idea of electric cars when there were no electric cars in the market. And they did it not with a new car but with a revival of an old car, the Tesla Model S.

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