Innovative Technology Management

Innovative Technology Management

What is the purpose of innovative technology management? How important is innovative technology management in the modern era? These are the things we will tackle.

What Is Innovative Technology Management?

Innovative technology management is the science of managing innovative technologies. The goal of this science is to provide the best enterprise integration with the help of innovative technologies.

The main methods of this science are:

  • Development, promotion, and introduction of innovative technologies in enterprises;
  • Management of sustainable development and innovation processes;
  • Development and adaptation of an innovative technology policy for a given sector or region;
  • Development, protection, and realization of intellectual property rights for innovative technologies.

A Mandatory

Innovative technology management is a mandatory thing for companies that want to stay in the game in the modern fast-changing world. Many things can change the fate of a company, but none of them is as quick as innovation. 

For example, in 2017, Apple became the first company to collect 900 billion dollars in market value (Bloomberg). It was possible because of Steve Jobs who introduced many innovations to Apple and created a new economic segment for mobile phones. 

Now Apple is not only a leading mobile phone vendor, it also has its app store (for mobile games and other apps). Also, internal payment systems, music streaming services like iTunes, etc. 

These are all things that Apple would have never had if Steve Jobs wasn’t so inventive. And now we have to wonder what will happen when this company gets even more inventive? 

Apple is one of those companies that need an innovative technology management system in place to stay on top. So this can be achieved by developing and promoting new products based on demand analysis.

And also running experiments on the market by releasing beta versions to test how people react to them. If there are any bugs or anything else that needs to be fixed before full release. 

To make sure everything goes smoothly we need to run experiments on a small scale. Before even trying it out on a larger scale with real customers. 

So this kind of work requires a good knowledge about experimental design and statistical methods. But that’s not all we need when innovating products.

We also need business skills because we have not only technological problems but also management problems. Like how much money should we invest into research and development? 

All those issues require business intelligence (BI) skills and business analytics skills. That can be achieved by taking Business Analytics Courses Online.

What Issues Of Innovative Technology Management?

Innovative technology management faces a lot of challenges. So these are some of the most important issues that it has to deal with: 

Developing innovative technologies: Developing new technologies is not an easy task. Especially if you have to develop them from scratch. The only way to do it is by using a mix of business intelligence and traditional methods. 

That is statistical methods and mathematical modeling. The main reason why you need mathematical modeling is that you will have to work with probabilities and statistics. 

And statistics can only be described using math. Also, you will need a lot of data to make any predictions. 

So if your innovative technology management system is based on mathematical modeling. Then you need lots of data that you can use to make future predictions by running simulations on them. 

But if you don’t have enough data or enough information. Then you won’t be able to predict the future or make any plans for the company. 

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