Product Discovery Design Thinking

How Does It Work For Product Discovery Design Thinking?

Let us discuss the idea of product discovery design thinking. Also, let us learn a lot about product discovery.

Idea Of Product Discovery Design Thinking

In this article, we will discuss the idea of product discovery design thinking. But before we tackle that topic let us know first the meaning of product discovery.

So what is product discovery? It is the process of systematically exploring a product.

Also, it is a service to understand the opportunities and challenges of delivering it.

Simply put, product discovery is the process of understanding what the product or service should be. Also, it aims to find the best possible solution to tackle the problem. 

It began by defining what problem you want to solve. Then you will have a better idea about it. Especially, on what kind of product which you need to develop.

Moreover, this is a process that is used to identify the features. Also, it has the benefits of a product that will best satisfy the wants and needs of consumers. 

On the other hand, product discovery design thinking is more like an approach. So it will help you find out what your product should be.

It involves a series of activities. It is much that will help you define your product and its features.

Also, as well as define the target audience for your product. 

Step Of Product Discovery

Product discovery design thinking is the process of finding. Also, it is a process and testing out new product ideas.

The idea behind this process is that you can use it. Use it to discover new customer insights and opportunities for innovation. 

What are the steps involved in product discovery? Here are the process of product discovery can be divided into these stages from the following:


In this stage, you will have the following:

  • you clearly define your objectives
  • set a scope for the project
  • create a hypothesis statement.

You also define your target audience, gather relevant data, and prepare a research plan. 


This stage involves the following:

  • creating prototypes
  • conducting research interviews
  • testing out your ideas with users
  • analyzing the results of your research 


In this stage, you take the insights from earlier stages. Then it turns them into actual products.

Also, a service that will fill the gaps in the market or meet customer needs better. 


In this stage, you try to validate whether your product or service meets customer expectations. If it does, you go ahead with development to commercialize it. 


This stage is all about making sure that your product or service is successful in the market.

Follow up

This is one of the most important steps of product discovery design thinking. Why? Because at this point you need to monitor the performance of your product.

In addition, you need also to monitor service overtime to ensure its ongoing success

Additional Information

This product discovery involves collaboration with teammates. So it’s a great way to get input from people.

Especially, those who are experts in different fields such as technology, marketing, finance.

Also, it’s an opportunity for them to share what they know. In addition, they will be able to share what they have learned about the following:

  • market
  • competitors
  • consumers

So the benefit that comes with this process is that it helps people learn new things. Especially, about their business environment. 

Furthermore, product discovery design thinking also helps you with developing a shared understanding of the problem. So by working together with your teammates.

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